WIRTGEN presented innovative solutions in CTT 2018

The Wirtgen Group presented innovative solutions in CTT 2018 for road construction.  Modern road construction requires high accuracy, perfect quality and functional processes. Wirtgen Group smart solutions, which is used for road construction and renovation, start with geological works, technologies for durability, and compaction of cohesive soils and is done through paving and asphalt compaction for economic reconstruction of roads using cold milling and recycling process.

Machines and Practical Technologies Specialized for Russia's Market 
Road construction is flourishing in Russia, especially in 11 cities hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Besides new products, Wirtgen Group experts provide complete comprehensive information on all aspects of production, technologies, technical knowledge and services. As many other infrastructure projects, Wirtgen Group solutions contribute to the successful implementation of construction activities.  Visitors to CTT 2018 had the opportunity to gain first-hand information about the Wirtgen Group solutions. 

Source: Rahe Ma Website