Finisher Vogele: super1900-3
Displacement Length: 6000 mm
Displacement Width: mm 
Displacement Height: mm
Anchor Rotation Radius: mm
External Rotation Radius: mm
Movement Speed 1: up to 4.5km/h km/h
Movement Speed 2: up to 24m/min m/min
Execution Speed 2: m / min
Engine Manufacturer: Cummins 
Engine Type: QSB 6.7 C164
Emissions Standard: EU Stage 4, US EPA Tier 4f
Cooling System: liquid-cooled
Number of Cylinder: 6
Relocation Operation : cm3
Machine's Power Calculated by ISO3046 : 125 kW
Calculated Speed : min-1
Number of Rear Wheels :
Chassis type :
Number of Front Wheels :
Base Axis : mm
Hopper Capacity : m3 عرض 
Width, when the side plates are open: 3265 mm
When the side plates are closed : mm
Maximum Height of the Hopper Tank: 594 mm 
Separate Control System : m/min
Separate Control System :
Lever Diameter: 400 mm
Ironing Type of Machine:
Base Width of Machine:
Base Width, Open: mm
Defined Adjustable Range: 2550 mm up to 5000 mm
Maximum Executable Length: 8500 mm
Minimum Width including Width Reduction Skids: mm
Maximum Thickness: up to 300 mm
Flat Plate Depth: mm
Flat Plate Thickness: mm
Heating System : electric by heating rods
Power Supply: three-phase A.C. generator
تاج اتو : %
Iron Temper Frequency: Hz
Iron Vibrator Frequency: Hz
Iron Base Weight: kg
Fuel: 300
Hydraulic Oil: 
Number of Dryer Stations: 
LCS System: 
Movement Speed 2: km/h
Conveyor Driving Force: hydraulic
Ground Contact: 
2830 mm x 305 mm
Chassis Diameter: mm
Chain Wheel Width: mm
Chain Wheel Total Length: mm
Chassis Width: mm
Conveyor Width: mm

Source Website: Rahe Ma